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Eureka Springs Coffee LLC announces new Fundraising Opportunity for Local Non-Profit Organizations

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Eureka Springs Coffee House is proud to announce our new fundraising opportunities for local non-profit organizations! If you have a non-profit organization in Carroll County that offers a service to others, contact us by filling out the form to the left for more information and details.

OPPORTUNITY ONE: On April 9, 2022, we will host a small expo in the Coffee House for non-profit organizations to set-up and sell their wares to visitors.  We will offer these two times per year, once in April and once in September.

We have limited space and items must not compete directly with food items that are sold in the Coffee House. Organization will be allowed one 6-8ft table to set-up and sell their items from 9am – 3pm on the pre-selected dates. They will be required to staff their own table the entire time.

OPPORTUNITY TWO: Beginning in May of 2022, we will offer the Coffee House on the third Thursday of every month for a non-profit organization to come in and host a pancake dinner as a fundraiser.

ADDITIONAL NOTES AND RESTRICTIONS: Please fill out the contact form for more details. Priority will be given to those non-profit organizations in Carroll County that service people in a personal manner.