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Eureka Springs Coffee House is excited to announce our purchase of a Ground Control Batch Coffee Brewer. We first met the Ground Control guys at Coffee Fest in San Antonio in June of 2021. We loved the taste of the coffee. Even though it brews in large, batch, every cup tastes like it was made in pour-over style, delicious and flavorful. Once we heard about all the benefits of the machine, we ordered ours. Our desire to offer the highest quality cup of coffee that we can requires us to have the tools we need to follow though with that vision. Ground Control is a company on the cutting edge of batch coffee creation for specialty shops all across the country and we wanted to be a part of that. This amazing machine will be installed and ready by February of 2022.

From Ground Control’s website:

“A well-made pour-over can transform your day, but even the greatest baristas are inconsistent: just ask one to craft the exact same cup two times in a row. We dreamt up a process that is scientifically and chemically more attuned towards effective and precise extraction of coffee than any other brewer. Ground Control brews coffee in the most consistent, efficient and beautiful method possible.

After countless hours, some amazing and supportive early adopters, an incomprehensible amount of coffee consumption, and many, many refinements, we launched Ground Control in 2015. 

We are now recognized for producing exceptional batch coffee that many refer to as significantly and consistently exceeding the quality of a well-crafted pour-over. But don’t just take it from us; hear what our respected customers have to say!

The impact of our new chemistry-driven brewing philosophy is apparent in every component of Ground Control. These extraction and design innovations are what allow for 8-minute cold brew and iced latte concentrates brewed by the batch. 

Stay tuned. The Ground Control Crew is transforming coffee technology and driving customers to efficiency and business success… and we are just getting started!